Barely A Bike Minimalist Street
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Barely a Bike 
Minimalist Street
The goal is simple.  

Design and build a lightweight street bike, with the heart of a Harley Davidson,
and the handling of a  Modern Sport Bike.  

A Harley Davidson Sportster 883 C will be punched out to 1250 cc displacement. It will be fitted with a custom triple tree and adjustable inverted forks.  The rear will recieve a custom swingarm and adjustable shocks.  
Sport bike rims, tires, and brakes will be installed at each end.

In the process, approximately 50 lbs of ungainly weight will be removed from the machine.

More Power.  Less Weight. Better Brakes. Wider Rims. Stickier tires. Better Handling.   

In the end, there will be nothing on this machine which is not essential to its function.  It will be a beligerant little beast.

This novel machine is being created with formal engineering training, practical racetrack experience, and some great friends. 

Come along, take the ride.
  1. Lighting and Wiring Upgrade, 2 Oct 2016
    After rider feedback, headlight was replaced with a more powerful and focused unit. Kill Switch was installed in a location reachable while seated, with either hand. Start button was hard mounted. Several feet of wire was removed from the wiring harness.
  2. Rear Suspension Type Chosen, 25 Sept 2016
    After AHP consideration we have chosen to move forward with a Harley style swingarm that will accommodate our rim, tire, and brake choices. This will allow relatively easy installation, give us control over length and stiffness, and offer great performance.
  3. Triple Tree Basic Design complete, 6 Sept 2016
    We have made major design choices for our triple tree, and have manufacturing lead times to work with. We are ready to purchase billet aluminum and finalize our design.
  4. New Intake Installed, 26 July 2016
    New high performance intake added to make more effective use of carburetor upgrades. Clutch adjustments made.
  5. Street Testing Under Way, 12 June 2016
    The bike is up and reliably running. Multiple riders of varying experience levels are riding and giving feedback. Design changes will be made to reflect rider needs.
  6. Donor Bike Disassembled, 30 April 2016
    The ZX7r has donated it's suspension components and cooling systems. Detailed measurements and analysis begin now.
  7. Stage 1 Complete, 30 March 2016
    The bike is up and running! All essential parts and systems are in place and functional. Check out the video in the videos section!
  8. First Engine Start, 13 February 2016
    Engine is installed in the frame. Carburetor, intake manifold, exhaust, ignition and starting circuits are in place.
  9. All Parts Under Roof, 11 February 2016
    As of today, I have all of the parts needed to complete the stage one build. Now I just have to put it together and make it work.
  10. Triple Tree Fabrication, 12 November 2016
    We have decided on 7075 aluminum for an over-tough triple tree. Raw material is in house, and the CnC and hand tooling is underway
  11. Southside Harley Sponsor, 27 Oct 2016
    We are delighted to announce that SouthSide Harley Davidson has joined our project provide valuable parts and factory knowledge.
  12. Triple Trees Complete! 7 December 2016
    The ODU Machine Shop has completed our triple trees. Time to test and install...
  13. Front End Installed, 19th Dec 2016
    We have built a new triple tree, pressed on bearings, installed the triple tree, and installed the front suspension. It all went together well, and we only need new cables to be back up an road worthy. Stance looks great. Swingarm design is underway.
  14. Checkered Flag Porsche Sponsor, 13 Jan 2017
    Checkered Flag Porsche has made a generous contribution to our team's budget. Their support will help us to build our rear suspension.
  15. Swingarm Prototype 13 February 2017
    We have raw material for our swingarm. The machine shop has our completed drawings. While we we wait for the last major component, we will rebuild brakes, and weld up custom exhaust.
  16. Swingarm Complete! 27 March 2017
    The fabrication of our swingarm is complete, and the test fitting went beautifully. We have successfully mounted the rims, tires, brakes, and forks from a ZX7r on a 883 Sportster.
Why ride a bike built for someone else?